THE DEATH of toddler Sarah Dahane last year was not preventable or predictable, an investigation has concluded.

The youngster - known in the report as Child N - was found dead at her Oxfordshire home last year. No cause of death was given.

A serious case review report published today said the death was not avoidable but put forward recommendations.

The report - ordered by the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB) - said the Sarah's parents had separated and were involved in a custody battle.

Maggie Blyth, independent chairwoman of the OSCB, said: “The serious case review paints a picture of a mother involved in a custody process that clearly had an impact on her wellbeing.

“However up until her death, Child N had apparently been well cared for and was thriving.

“The review finds that the death of Child N was neither predictable not preventable, though there are lessons for the agencies to learn so they can improve their approach to safeguarding in the future.

“For instance sharing of information between agencies could be improved particularly in cases involving allegations of domestic violence. I am hopeful that the new multi-agency safeguarding hub being set up in Oxfordshire will help address this issue.

“There are lessons to be learnt for agencies when working with families from all ethnic origins.

“I am sure the agencies involved with Child N and the family will want to accept the recommendations made in the report, and I will be asking them to report back on their progress in doing so.”

  • Read the report, statement and recommendations

Child N - SCR Overview Report.pdf

Child N - Statement.pdf

Child N - OSCB Recommendations.pdf