SUGGESTIONS that a congestion charge should be considered for the city have been criticised by senior figures in Oxford City Council.

Oxfordshire County Council has said it could not rule out the measure as a way to fund large new transport schemes proposed in a consultation document on the Local Transport Plan.

But city council leader Bob Price called it “regressive taxation” that would be opposed by Town Hall.

He said: “There would be a negative impact on shopping and companies based in the city. A more effective way of controlling congestion is to make public transport services better and encourage people to cycle or walk.”

John Tanner, Oxford City Council executive board member for Cleaner Greener Oxford and transport, said the measure would price those on lower incomes out of the city.

He said: “A better solution would be, like Nottingham, to charge all employers who have more than 10 parking spaces about £1 a day. That would encourage them not to waste space on parking.”

The Local Transport Plan stage one consultation started on June 20 and will finish on August 1. Visit

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