A FAMILY got a surprise when they found a cluster of 16 eggs in their garden.

Erika Spencer and daughter Daisy, from Middle Aston, near Banbury, found the eggs underneath a shrub earlier this month. Unsure of the eggs’ origin, they contacted Cotswold Wildlife Park but the park’s team could not identify them.

The egg mystery is still puzzling the pair and they are now on a quest to determine what bird they belong to.

Mrs Spencer, 42, said: “We are really perplexed about what animal it could be.”

Daisy, 10, a pupil at Wootton-by-Woodstock Church of England Primary School, has put the eggs in an open box. She said: “It’s really exciting.”

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds wildlife advisor Danielle Meyer said: “I think they are pheasant eggs. Pheasants usually nest on the ground, hidden away from any predators, they lay around 15 eggs within their nest, so the number is not unusual.”

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