Over the past few months, towns across the county have been selecting their new mayors.

While the duties of these civic dignitaries are largely ceremonial, these figures play an important role when promoting the interests of their residents and the areas they serve.

During the year, the mayor will be invited to a range of community and each one has pledged to support charities during their reign of office.

Oxford City Council is the only council to have an elected Lord Mayor. As the official mayor-making ceremonies come to a close, reporter Annabal Bagdi rounds up the newly-elected representatives.


Mohammed Niaz AbBasi

This is the second time Mr Abassi,72, has been selected as Lord Mayor.

His official inauguration ceremony was on Monday, June 9.  He said: “I feel very proud and privileged to have been chosen as Lord Mayor to represent the city of Oxford and I will use my term in office to further encourage social cohesion among the many diverse communities within the city.

“I am looking forward to attending the numerous and varied engagements that are being planned for me and meeting as many people in the city as I can.

“I will continue to encourage and promote our twin town links with Bonn, Grenoble, Leiden, Leon and Perm.

“The charities that I have chosen to support are Restore and Oxfordshire Unlimited.

“I am constantly impressed and humbled by the amount of fundraising work that takes place within these charities and I will do my best to actively promote and support them throughout my term.

“I cannot speak more highly of the position with which I have been entrusted and I will do my utmost to ensure that I carry out my role with integrity, humility and professionalism.’’

Charities: Restore and Oxfordshire Unlimited

Banbury Cake:

  • Jeanette Matelot Green


Jeanette Matelot Green

Mrs Green, 70, is a semi-retired senior ICT examiner and this is her second time as mayor.
Her official inauguration ceremony was on Tuesday, May 13.

She said: “The skate park is my charity of the year and it’s for the kids of Thame. It’s on town council owned land and the council is right behind it.

“We want to keep as many independent shops to encourage visitors to come to Thame and that’s also been my focus since I have been on the council.

Charity: Thame Skate Park Project

Banbury Cake:

  • Jane Titchener


Jane Titchener

Mrs Titchener, 39, is a chartered accountant at Electrocomponents.

Her official inauguration ceremony was on Monday, May 12.

She said: “One of my goals is for the council to take more proactive steps to show what we do and what the town council is responsible for and how these things get run.

“I want to share the support and infrastructure needed to make a town like Wallingford tick. A lot goes on behind the scenes of these services.”

Charities: The mayor is trying to support as many local organisations as possible so is not supporting a specific charity.

Banbury Cake:

  • Michael Tysoe


Michael Tysoe

Mr Tysoe, 64, is a part-time training officer at Clarksons Plc.

His official inauguration ceremony was on Monday, May 19.

He said: “Our main challenge in the future is to ensure the inevitable new houses that are going to be built in the area are built where we want them, in the style we want and in the correct numbers for the site and town – this is going to be an enormous challenge but when the new Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Plan is in place I hope that that will make our life a little easier.”

Charities: Mr Tysoe has not confirmed his chosen charities but will be supporting a leukaemia research charity.

Banbury Cake:

  • Angela Lawrence


Angela Lawrence

Mrs Lawrence is a retired primary school teacher who began her career in a North London Primary School.

She moved to Abingdon 20 years ago where she then taught as a supply teacher.

Her official inauguration ceremony was on Wednesday, May 7.

She said: “Everybody says what an honour and a privilege it is to be mayor, and it really is. I am thrilled and have enjoyed my first month very much.

“I intend to throw myself wholeheartedly into the role.”

Charities: Abingdon Foyer and Oxford Food Bank

Banbury Cake:

  • Scott Wilgrove


Scott Wilgrove

Mr Wilgrove, 44, is an IT manager at Didcot Girls’ School.

His official inauguration ceremony was on Monday, May 12.

He said: “I’m honoured to have been elected Mayor and hope to make a positive contribution to the town during my year in office. The previous Mayor has set an excellent example and I am committed to continuing his good work.

“I am Didcot born and bred, so have a real connection with the town.”

Charity: Didcot Railway Centre

Banbury Cake:

  • Jeanette Baker


Jeanette Baker

Mrs Baker is retired and was owner of recruitment agency Armstrong Human Resource.

Her official inauguration ceremony was on Wednesday, May 7.

She said: “I am delighted to have been elected as Mayor, it is a great honour to hold the position and to represent Witney and I will do my utmost to undertake the role to the best of my ability.

“The coming year will be crucial for the council, the members have experience and a variety of skills that will ensure we will achieve as much as we possibly can.”

Charity: Breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel

Banbury Cake:

  • Fiona Roper


Fiona Roper

Councillor Fiona Roper was re-elected for a second year as Mayor.

She said: “In my second year as Mayor and chairman of Wantage Town Council I will continue to promote the town centre regeneration project, which has been very successful in attracting new independent shops and visitors to the town.

"I will continue to support local youth and charitable organisations and am looking forward to the Alfred’s Day celebrations which will take place over the weekend of September 27/28.”

Charities: The Vale and Downland Museum and the Independent Advice Centre

Banbury Cake:

  • Julian Cooper


Julian Cooper

This is his second term as mayor.

He said: “The big issue in Woodstock this year, and certainly where I hope to assist the council, is the defence of the environment around and in Woodstock but I’m not against redevelopment. I want to defend the nice fields around Woodstock.”

Charities: Macmillan Cancer Support

Banbury Cake:

  • Lynn Pratt


Lynn Pratt

Mrs Pratt, 66, is retired and was a GP receptionist at North Bicester Surgery.

This is her second time as mayor and her official inauguration on May 12.

She said: “Bicester is a much changed place since I was last Mayor 10 years ago, the town continues to grow and I look forward to getting out and about to see much of the voluntary work that goes on.”

Charity: The Army Benevolent Fund and the League of Friends for Bicester Hospital

Banbury Cake:

  • Lynn Little


Lynn Little

Mrs Little is retired and was a sales and training manager at Electrolux Europe.

Her official inauguration ceremony was on Tuesday, May 20 and this is her second term as mayor.

She said: “To me the future is key – keeping hold of Carterton’s individuality while striving to make it a place where people want to work, live, raise families, and spend their retirement years.

“I’m keen to support the schools, our over 60s and our town centre
and all our small organisations that need help and promoting.”

Charities: She has not yet selected them, but will choose one national charity and two local charities

Banbury Cake:

  • Mayor of Banbury Sean Woodcock, centre, outside Banbury Town Hall, with Mace Bearer Bob Douglas, left, and Terry Cox, Sergeant At Arms


Sean Woodcock

Mr Woodcock, 28, is Banbury’s youngest Mayor since town council records began in 1974.
He is acting neighbourhood manager at GreenSquare and his official inauguration ceremony was on Tuesday, May 13.

He said: “I want to focus not only on the past, but also on the future. I want to see that there is great recognition of efforts to improve the community.”

Charities: Mr Woodcock will be supporting various charities throughout the year. His focus will be on charities that support young people dealing with learning disabilities and bereavement.