SCRUTINY is key to improved performance and so it is heartening to see John Radcliffe Hospital publishing its staffing figures.

It is very early days with the first month’s statistics being the only ones currently available.

We must take the hospital’s word improvements are being made and the number of days where there were below “minimum safe” levels of staffing were blips.

As with any sample, the greater the size the more reliable the figures. It is why these numbers need to be monitored closely over the coming months.

Should the staffing situation remain a concern after six months of figures at the hospital then its bosses can be held to account.

Likewise, the stats will show if there was indeed an anomaly in the past month if the figures improve over time.

The scheme shows the value of releasing important data and allowing patients the opportunity to see how their hospital is performing.

Perhaps the Department for Health will take note and make more information available.