A PRIMARY school is having to build a temporary classroom to cope with a growing number of children in the area.

Harriers Ground Community Primary School, in Bloxham Road, Banbury, has submitted a planning application to Cherwell District Council for the temporary classroom.

The school, which is part of Harriers Banbury Academy, expects an increase of 70 children. It has been told other schools in the area are full.

Principal Fiona Hims said: “We were approached by Oxfordshire County Council because all the local schools had full Year One classes, but there were still more children.

“It’s very important children of that age are in full-time education.

“We added a new class, which opened in January, bringing us up to 75 Year One pupils.

“That group is growing and making great progress.

In September they will all move up to Year Two and we need a modular classroom adjacent to the current Year Two classrooms.”

The short-term building would be used for five years, with the school hoping it will be able to construct a new building by then.

Mrs Hims said: “By September 2015 we want a brick build on the existing site for when we’re at full capacity.”

County council leader Ian Hudspeth has warned schools could see the “return to the long-term use of temporary classrooms” thanks to a lack of Government funds.

The Government will not be maintaining current levels of investment in Oxfordshire school expansion.

Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry said: “Although it is not ideal, I suspect in these circumstances most parents would prefer a temporary classroom than their children having to go to another primary school some distance away.”