OXFORDSHIRE County Council has put together a strategy for helping the county’s residents achieve a “healthy weight”.

The council, which is Oxfordshire’s public health authority, has now launched a public consultation on its proposals.

Figures show that 61 per cent of adults in Oxfordshire are either overweight or obese, compared with 63 per cent nationally.

Oxford has the lowest proportion in the county, with 55 per cent of adults falling into that category.

The strategy says the council will encourage children to take 60 minutes of physical activity every day and to make “healthier food choices”.

It goes on to say: “This strategy is for the population of Oxfordshire and will be led by the public health directorate in Oxfordshire County Council. The strategic direction, therefore, has a focus on localism and what local authorities, businesses and communities can do to promote healthy living and achieve a healthy weight for the population.

“However, the people of Oxfordshire do not operate within a bubble and there are national and international influences that will have an impact on whether or not the population can achieve a healthy weight.

“Where possible, the public health directorate will add its voice as an advocate for change in these areas, either directly or through its partners.”

To read the strategy and comment on it visit myconsultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk by June 15.