FOR most of us, cutting just a few inches off counts as a radical haircut.

But for two Oxfordshire residents, the weekend saw far more drastic hairdos, as they went under the scissors for charity.

Six-year-old Freya Gregory had her long locks cut short on Saturday, and gave the hair to the Little Princess Trust, which provide wigs for children across the UK.

She said: “On Sport Relief I saw everyone who was bald with cancer and stuff and I have long hair so I decided to give it to them. My friend Katie did it too.”

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In just three weeks, the Chinnor St Andrew’s Primary School pupils have raised more than £1,400 in sponsorship for the charity.

Freya said: “It was a bit scary and I was a bit nervous, but it was exciting too.

“I feel like the bit at the end of Tangled where Rapunzel gets all her hair cut off.

I like the short hair. I look really nice with a clip in the side.”

Her mum, Lee-Ann Gregory said: “I am very proud, and I like her hair short.

“I work behind the bar at the Wheatsheaf pub so we did the cut there. About 40 or 50 people turned up.

“I think everyone has been blown away that such young people have been so selfless.”

In Oxford, Sascha Causton went one step further and shaved her head to raise money for a playgroup for disabled children.

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  • Sascha's long flowing hair is about to vanish

The 22-year-old Oxford Brookes University nursing student had her head shaved on Friday and has raised nearly £2,000 in sponsorship for Disability Challengers, which is based in Surrey.

She said: “I worked at the play centre from 2009 for over two years, so it’s a place that’s close to my heart. It caters for kids with any kind of disability, whether it’s mental or physical.”

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As well as raising money, Miss Causton has donated 22 inches of her hair to charity Locks of Love, which gives wigs to children across the US and Canada.

She said: “My hair was down to my hips before, and now I have a grade-one shave.

“I was in a little bit of denial I think.

“My friends plaited it all up, which was fine, but then when I felt the scissors hacking at the plait that was really weird.”

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