CAN you spot the odd one out in our first picture?

Damian Halliwell was out photographing the farming minister, George Eustice, when he visited Step Farm in Faringdon.

From the selection of pictures Damian gave me, it was clear that he’d covered all the usual bases but the one aspect of his pictures that kept emerging was the lonely brown cow surrounded by black and white ‘cousins’.

Well done for being so observant Damian, I’m a sucker for a quirky animal picture.

Banbury Cake:

Readers send their pictures to me every day and they can vary from a blurred, unusable picture to a stunning one like this, above.

Tim Hall from Jericho took this picture on his iPhone and managed to capture the beautiful colours in the sunset while leaving the buildings in silhouette.

Many of us here in the office complimented his picture and we proudly placed it on our letters page the following day.

Banbury Cake:

Out of all the flash mobs I have seen, this one, above, has to be my favourite.

When I send a photographer out to these, as much fun as they are to watch, neither of us can be sure if it will make a great picture.

Antony Moore went along to the Sheldonian Theatre last Saturday to find crowds smacking their pillows into one another to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day.

It made a great fun picture that ended up going on the front page.

Banbury Cake:

  • Iain Atkin with pups Leah and Lola

They say to never work with children or animals, but photographers have to tackle both and quite often at the same time! You never know how the picture will turn out as their behaviours can be so unpredictable.

However, Jon Lewis went to see the new manager, Iain Atkin, of Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary at Stadhampton, and he managed to get this effortless and relaxed pose of Iain and two six-week old pups, Leah and Lola.

How can you not love these puppy dog eyes?

Banbury Cake:

  • Frideswide Square

Work has taken place in Frideswide Square this week to remove the ghastly fatberg which has caused misery for motorists driving in to the city.

Photographer Jon Lewis tried to get a different view on it all.

This picture was taken from the top of the Royal Oxford Hotel and gave a great vantage point.

However, as you can see, this great idea didn’t pay off this particular time – there is no traffic!

Banbury Cake:

  • Maryse Brand

We have so many exhibitions in Oxford it’s hard to keep up and keep new imaginative pictures coming in.

Dave Fleming has been to the Ashmolean Museum to photograph the launch of a post-war, contemporary exhibition, called Art Belongs to the People.

Director of the Hall Art Foundation, Maryse Brand, is pictured in front of the colourful work and I particularly love the miniature suit that is hanging behind.