A TEENAGER whose single punch left a man needing two metal plates in his cheek bone has walked free from Oxford Crown Court.

Jordan Matin-Hamed, of Edinburgh Way, Banbury, admitted one count of causing grievous bodily harm on November 29 last year outside the Venus nightclub in Banbury.

Henry James, prosecuting, said the 18-year-old, who was aged 17 at the time, began arguing with victim Joshua Smyth earlier in the evening at a different venue.

He told Judge Ian Pringle on Tuesday, the two men were in different groups but on “parallel” nights out, so they met up again outside the Venus club at just before 3am.

The barrister said that Matin-Hamed walked up to Mr Smyth and landed a single punch to his face which had “catastrophic” consequences.

His victim had to undergo surgery for more than three hours under general anaesthetic to have his cheek bone reconstructed using two metal plates, Mr James said. He added that Mr Smyth still suffers pain and numbness in his face and has become far more anxious about going out in the evenings.

Andrew Newton, defending, told Judge Ian Pringle his client was “shocked and appalled” by the effect his actions had on his victim.

He said: “It was a single punch that had far reaching consequences which were not anticipated, not intended, and are bitterly regretted.”

Judge Pringle noted that Matin-Hamed, who has no previous convictions, was about to go to university to study sociology.

He said despite it being a “completely unprovoked attack” he would spare him an immediate custodial sentence.

Matin-Hamed received 12 months detention, suspended for two years, with 120 unpaid work, a restorative justice requirement and supervision.

He will also have to pay a £100 victims’ surcharge.