A BID for 14 homes at a garden centre on Green Belt land has been thrown out.

Cherwell District Council’s planning committee voted against the plans put forward by Yarnton Nurseries LLP.

Proposals for 43 homes in 2012 and 12 last December were submitted by the firm but later withdrawn.

Some 11 residents and Oxford Green Belt Network, Oxford Preservation Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England Oxfordshire objected.

Concerns included the “intrusive” nature of the plans and its impact on roads.

Yarnton Parish Council objected over concerns about the impact on sewers and the increasing development of the village.

The Oxford Green Belt Network warned it would “encroach” on the Green Belt.

Planning officer Caroline Ford urged refusal for the “inappropriate” plans.

Council lead member for planning Michael Gibbard said: “This would have had a greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt than the existing development and harmed its most important attributes.

“This alone attracted substantial weight for the refusal.”

The proposals, including an extension to the centre, lacked the infrastructure needed, Mr Gibbard added.

The developer said it would provide “much-needed housing” including four affordable homes. The developer refused to comment on the planning decision.