THE amount of extra funding for schools will be discussed by governors and headteachers across Oxfordshire later this month.

It follows the announcement that the county will receive an extra £500,000 for 2015/16.

It is under new plans unveiled by Schools Minister David Laws for a £350m boost to schools across the country.

Oxfordshire County Council was one of 62 local authorities to benefit from the change with an increase of just 0.1 per cent. But some areas will see a boost of up to £20m if the plans are approved.

It was announced yesterday at the Education Scrutiny Committee at County Hall that the Schools’ Forum will hold an “extraordinary meeting” to discuss its response to the plans.

The forum represents governors and headteachers across the county.

The Department for Education has launched a consultation into its “fairer school funding” plans.

County council member for education, Melinda Tilley, pictured left, said: “The Government is consulting all the councils on its proposals and we are seeking further information before responding.

“This is of course only a one-off funding announcement for 2015/16, and what is really needed are changes to the national funding formula itself to make overall funding fairer for counties like Oxfordshire.”

The meeting will be held on April 24.