RESIDENTS will see up to 60 new homes built in Bloxham after a Government Planning Inspector approved the scheme despite objections from the council.

Miller Strategic Land has been given permission to build the properties on land off Tadmarton Road in the village, along with community parkland and additional parking for Bloxham Church of England Primary School.

This is the third time the planning inspectors have upheld appeals from developers for new housing in Bloxham. Last year 75 homes off Barford Road and 85 homes off Milton Road were approved, despite the council’s decision to reject planning permission.

Inspectors say that Cherwell District Council does not have a good enough five-year housing supply.

Michael Gibbard, the council’s lead member for planning, said: “It is incredibly disappointing for both us and the residents of Bloxham to have our opinions repeatedly disregarded.”

While none of the council’s plans included developing the Tadmarton Road site, Mr Gibbard said that inspectors did not take into consideration the council’s plans to build more homes.

He said: “What is especially frustrating is that the five-year housing supply only gives weight to those homes which have already been built.

“That means no matter how many houses we approve, they will not be counted until they are finished – something which is in the hands of the developers.”