THEY fell in love after meeting on Facebook, going for dates at the cinema and cooking together.

But for this Banbury couple, getting engaged prompted a massive challenge – losing weight.

Now Vikki Stretch and David Strangwood have lost a total of 15 stone 2.5 pounds between them in preparation for their big day.

This weight loss total took the couple to the finals of this year’s Slimming World’s national weight loss competition.

The couple, who lost out to Graeme and Lisa Wharton, from Sunderland, are thrilled with the amount of weight they have lost.

Miss Stretch, 21 from Withycombe Drive, lost more than eight stone after attending slimming classes with her friend.

The Banbury & Bicester College student said: “I used to weight 18 stone and six pounds. I was a size 22 when I started trying to lose weight and now I’m a size 10.

“I just have have so much more energy now. It’s amazing.

“It used to take me 40 minutes to walk to work, but now it takes 20.”

  • Vikki and David before the diet

Banbury Cake:

Her fiance of two years, David Strangwood, 23, lost more than seven stone through support from friends and home cooking.

He said: “I think losing weight together made a big difference, because we were able to spur each other on every week and we were eating the same meals.

“We eat so much more healthily now.”

The couple started dating four years ago after meeting through mutual friends on Facebook.

Miss Stretch said: “I decided to lose weight because we got engaged and I didn’t want to get married and have pictures taken where I looked like that.”

She has bought herself a new bike for the summer and after a year of being engaged, hopes to start planning her wedding once she completes her college course.

She said her weight-loss secret was eating less sugar and using less olive oil when cooking.

Shirley Warren, who runs the Banbury Slimming World group, said: “I’m so proud of David and Vikki. I hope their story inspires lots of other couples to make a change.”