Oxford Mail deputy picture editor Richard Cave takes his pick of the week’s best photographs and tells us why he reckons they make the grade

Mark Hemsworth did a great job covering Oxford Fashion Week for us; there were lots of splendid images.

I’ve picked this one, above, from the Concept Show at the Randolph Hotel on Saturday last week for a variety of reasons. The engaging stare of the model, the way the diagonals of the crazy hat mirror those of the catwalk, leading the eye to the subject (still with me?).

I also like the colours, the warm orange and greens in soft focus as the backdrop.

Banbury Cake:

Abseiling clergy as snapped by Marc West.

I should imagine a strong faith helps hugely if you’re dangling from a church tower on a rope.

Beyond the gritted teeth of abject fear being disguised as ‘a relaxed smile’, I like the composition and the shapes within the frame.

The perspective is flattened by the long lens, making the distant ground appear like a printed slab or poster behind the brave Rev Dr Edmund Newey, the Sub Dean of Christ Church.

Banbury Cake:

This is a marvellous image by Ed Nix, of puppeteers Blind Summit performing at The Old Fire Station.

The puppet, called Moses, makes an intriguing and slightly menacing subject, and his operators’ expressions as they loom out of the dark make a splendid shot indeed.

Banbury Cake:

Here’s an image from the varsity boxing at Oxford Town Hall last weekend.

Shooting between the ropes, Greg Blatchford’s image leads the eye to our subjects and the intense conversation going on.

I say “conversation”, one of the three isn’t talking... advice coming from two directions while the expression on the unknown boxer’s face speaks volumes. Great alternative to the action shots

Banbury Cake:

Last weekend the weather was beautiful, fooling us into believing the long, wet winter was behind us.

This shot from Damian Halliwell of a toddler silhouetted on the path alongside Hinksey lake worked brilliantly for a front page – a refreshing change from ice cream and picnics in the park shots

Banbury Cake:

Korky Paul opened a newly refurbished library at Edward Feild School in Kidlington.

Somehow the ribbon from the opening ceremony ended up around the heads of two cheeky-faced chaps, Timmy BLake and Elijah Clarke, at the front.

I love the composition and the feeling of fun and spontaneity Dave Fleming created

Banbury Cake:

Three men standing on one leg, one appearing to support his opponent as he, in turn, hoofs the ball over all of their heads. Another strange moment created by fast camera shutters.

The picture was taken by Damian Halliwell at the Oxford United v Burton Albion match last weekend