OXFORDSHIRE could benefit from millions more in funding made available to fix roads damaged by weather this winter.

But a senior councillor at Oxfordshire County Council has said the amount of money available is unlikely to be enough to tackle the scale of the problem.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has said the Government’s support for councils to fix the roads most damaged by severe weather will be increased by £36.5m to £80m.

On top of this an extra £103.5m is also being made available to all councils across England.

But Rodney Rose, the deputy leader of the county council, which is responsible for maintaining Oxfordshire’s roads, said: “The sort of money that the Government is offering will just about pay for us to fix the Playhatch road [one of those affected by the floods] but not for the other 2,999 miles of road in the county.

“The problem is that we are not spending enough on maintenance of roads across the county and that has been going on for 20 years. We need to do more schemes like resurfacing Iffley Road, but that cost more than £2m and we don’t have the money.”