RESIDENTS in rude-sounding streets in Oxfordshire have scoffed at research suggesting property prices are lower on their lanes.

Website compared property prices in rude-sounding streets with homes situated on all other streets within a one quarter of a mile radius using Land Registry sales figures.

And the company said it found that properties on streets like Crotch Crescent and Cockshoot Close sell for less than houses in the neighbouring roads.

It said that across all the streets looked at in the country, those with rude-sounding names were 22 per cent, or £84,000, less expensive on average.

Crotch Crescent in Marston was ranked the fifth most embarrassing street name in the country.

According to, a terraced house on the crescent costs £238,250. This is £42,250 cheaper than a similar property on Ouseley Close – just on the other side of Oxford Road.

Despite being about to put his home on the market, Brian Warland, 79, is not concerned. “I want to downsize – and I don’t have any worries, there’s nothing wrong with my house,” he said.

The UK's top 10 rude-sounding streets:

  • A: Minge Lane, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, which 31 per cent of people polled thought was embarrassing
  • B: Slag Lane, Lowton, Lancashire, 26 per cent
  • C: Fanny Hands Lane, Ludford, Lincolnshire, 24.9 per cent
  • D: Bell End, Rowley Regis, West Midlands (which goes into Mincing Lane), 22.5 per cent
  • E: Crotch Crescent, Marston, Oxford, 19.6 per cent
  • F: The Knob, Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, 17 per cent
  • G: Turkey Cock Lane, Stanway, Essex, 10.8 per cent
  • H: Cockshoot Close, Stonesfield, West Oxfordshire, 10.1 per cent
  • I: Cumming Street, Islington, London, 8.9 per cent
  • J: Cock-A-Dobby, Sandhurst, Berkshire, 6.5 per cent

Peter East, who has lived on Crotch Crescent for nine years, said: “I had this house valued over 12 months ago for £340,000, and I think ceiling prices around here have gone up. There are lots of houses that have sold very fast, because people can see their potential.”

The road’s namesake is William Crotch, who was an organist and composer at Christ Church. In 1799, he graduated from Oxford University with a doctorate in music.

Mr East, 51, said: “Apparently they tried to change the name once, but not enough people on the street would agree to it so they couldn’t.”

Meanwhile, in Stonesfield, West Oxfordshire, Cockshoot Close has properties that are £18,258 cheaper than other semi-detached houses down the road in Longore.

Ali Appleton, who has lived on Cockshoot Close for 10 years, said that the road’s name is nothing more than a giggle. The 43-year-old staff nurse said: “I’m a bit of a joker, so people who know me think it’s apt that I live on a street with a funny name.

“But it didn’t make any difference when we bought this house and I don’t think it makes any difference when people sell around here.”

Rob Hill, sales manager at Penny & Sinclair estate agents, agreed. He said: “Houses on Crotch Crescent go for stupid amounts of money.”