A NUMBER of people have said they also saw a fireball falling from the sky in Oxfordshire.

The Oxford Mail reported on Thursday that Alexandre Legis, 41, spotted the object descending over Deddington Hill.

He initially said he saw it last Friday but now believes it was the following day at 6.30pm. Since then more people have come forward with similar stories.

Terry Pratley, 66, of Cobbs Hill, Witney, said: “I definitely saw it. I had just got out of the car and thought ‘what’s that?’ It was like a firework going sideways and was very bright.”

Penny Chown, from Abingdon, was driving home with her son Rory, four, from Birmingham Airport. She said: “I was on the M40 where it joins the A43 and me and my son saw something. It looked like a flare as it was shooting up into the air and then back down.”

Mr Legris, who lives in Maidenhead, was driving from Banbury to Woodstock with his son Isaac, 16, when he saw it. After conducting research, he believes it was debris from a satellite.

He said: “It would be interesting knowing exactly what it was.”

Paul Barlow-Heal from Deddington said he saw it: “I have no idea what it was, but I hope it comes back, seemed to put a smile on people’s faces.”