A CHARITY which offers support to Armed Forces veterans has been nominated for a charity of the year award.

The Remount Charity, set up by Neville Barton in 2008, offers training courses to help veterans to cope with life after returning from military service.

The charity helps people deal with the transition back into civilian life and issues involving employment, stress and family life and has been put on the shortlist for the 2014 Armed Forces Charity of the Year award.

More than 600 people have attended the charity’s courses at Middle Aston House in Oxfordshire and Brathay Hall by Lake Windermere.

The courses, which involve practical training and support, offers those who attend the chance to try activities such as canoeing.

Chief executive officer of the Remount charity Bill McLachlan said: “The charity help them to face these challenges, identify their skills and experiences they can offer future employers, help to develop strengths, and how to deal with the difficulties they face, and prepare them to become civilians again, with a purpose in life and the ability to support themselves and their families in the future.

“We are the only charity that offers a solution to the problems faced by those leaving the military who are having a hard time facing up to being a civilian again, and need help in coming to terms with the emotional and mental adjustments when reintegrating back into civilian life.”

Rewards for Forces, a discount and benefits website for Armed Forces members, put together the shortlist for the awards.

Managing director Peter Raith said: “The aim of this campaign is not only to provide funding but to help spread the word of the work these fantastic military charities do and the services they offer to help those in need.

“Rewards for Forces will feature the charity in all publicity materials and help with fundraising and any events the charity hosts.”