A JURY has retired to consider its verdict in the trial of a police officer accused of stealing crash victims’ personal details.

Pc Sugra Hanif, 26, allegedly accessed Thames Valley Police (TVP) computers to get information on people involved in car accidents and pressure them into making personal injury claims.

The jury at Winchester Crown Court was told that at the time she was having an affair with her co-accused, 27-year-old Raza Khan, who ran a repair garage.

She is accused of passing the information to Khan and the pair and his wife Paramjeet Kaur, 26, allegedly pocketed £600 a time for referring them to legal firms.

The trial heard allegations from Hanif that Khan used sex tapes to pressure her into stealing police details – an allegation he denies.

Judge Andrew Barnett told jurors: “Look at the evidence objectively. You must weigh up the evidence.

“Suspicion is not good enough. If you are sure then your verdict will be guilty, and if you are not sure, your verdict must be not guilty.

“PC Sugra Hanif claims she was under duress – you must decide if she was or not.”

Hanif, of Bretch Hill, Banbury, denies obtaining personal data from the TVP control and command system and a charge of disclosing the personal data.

Khan, 27, from Birmingham, denies obtaining personal data from the TVP control and command system.

Kaur, 26, also from Birmingham, and Khan and Hanif all deny one count of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office.