A POLICE officer claimed her lover threatened to release sex videos he had made of them if she didn’t take crash victims’ details from police databases, a jury heard.

Sugra Hanif, 27, said her hands shook on her computer keyboard as she logged on to view confidential information to help her boyfriend Raza Khan out with his business.

She confessed to accessing “hundreds” of records and posing as ‘Sarah Gold’ from SR Auto Repairs to persuade drivers to make a personal injury claim, a Winchester Crown Court jury heard yesterday.

Hanif, of Bretch Hill, Banbury was arrested in December 2011 and told investigating police officers she had fallen for Khan 18 months earlier, thinking he was an honest person but later discovered he had a wife and daughter.

She claimed Khan asked her to use her police log-ons to access details of accidents, write down drivers’ phone numbers and call them up.

In interview Hanif, right, said: “I put my hands up. It was stupid.”

She said he threatened to show her parents a video of her and Khan and added: “I thought he genuinely was going to do it so I kept on going to the systems and then I would try to stop doing it but he would be like ‘no, I will do this.”

Hanif told investigators Khan listened into the first phone call she made and later claimed to have taped it.

In interviews read to Winchester Crown Court, she said: “He told me to speak to people and say I am from SR Auto Repairs and say you want to pursue a claim for them. I can’t say I wanted to do it because I distinctly remember my fingers shaking on the keyboard and thinking ‘what the hell am I doing’ the first time’.”

Asked how many road traffic accident records she had looked at, Hanif said: “Hundreds.”

Investigators had a figure of 1,500 times, the court heard. Hanif also admitted accessing records on and off duty.

She said falling for Khan had made her blind and stupid.

Hanif allegedly noted down personal information of people involved in car crashes from the Thames Valley police computer system before pressurising them to make a claim with legal firms.

It is claimed Hanif, her co-accused married lover Khan and his wife Kaur used this to cash in on referral fees of up to £700.

Hanif denies obtaining personal data from TVP’s control and command system and a charge of disclosing the personal data. Khan, from Birmingham, denies obtaining personal data from TVP control and command system.

Kaur, also from Birmingham, Khan and Hanif all deny one count of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office.

The trial continues.