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Blog: Oxfordshire flooding latest, Thursday, January 9

Last updated:

    Botley Road and Abingdon Road are still shut tonight and floods there have worsened in places
  • Flood waters will continue to rise in Oxford overnight with river levels rising tomorrow morning
  • Homes have been evacuated around Botley Road and residents in Abingdon Road are being advised to prepare to leave their homes
  • Bablock Hythe caravan park residents have also been rescued from their homes


dowhatyoulike 8:23am Thu 9 Jan 14
anyone know if currys and pcw open?
Score: -75
bicesterlady 9:58am Thu 9 Jan 14
Think the OM's coverage of the flooding has been outstanding- thank you.
Score: 0
bart-on simpson 10:31am Thu 9 Jan 14
An excellent, informative, up-to-date, listing, day after day. Well done OM staff.
Score: 14
Sarahgreen88 10:49am Thu 9 Jan 14
At 9:17 you posted "One bus passenger said it took her around 40 minutes to get in to the city centre this morning. Those are the sorts of delays bus users are facing." This is completely irrelevant information as you don't state where she started her journey!!!!
Score: 3
OxonResident 11:53am Thu 9 Jan 14
Is this the first time Abingdon Road and Botley Road have both been closed together during school term time? Last winter and 2007 was school holiday time I think. Explains why the traffic disruption is worse than before.
Score: 5
Edward Catflap 12:32pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Passengers wanting to travel by rail between Oxford and Didcot are being advised that they will have to go via London on the bus?????
Score: -6
Edward Catflap 12:36pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Water levels appear to have dropped slightly along Botley Road and Lamarsh Road.
Score: -2
Sandy Wimpole-Smythe 12:41pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Are they letting residents in and out of the Botley Road ?
Score: 0
[deleted] 2:03pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Score: -6
[deleted] 3:35pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Score: 0
Superbug 4:01pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Please stop stealing sandbags from peoples homes. Overnight in Sunningwell road several resident have had their sandbags taken which were being used to protect their property. Please tell people that there are plenty being delivered and there was recently another delivery at the Duke of Monmouth (Abingdon road) and there are plenty to go round.
Score: 4
Colin. 5:10pm Thu 9 Jan 14
If you are following these blogs and don't already know about the Oxford Flood Alliance, take a look at their website http://www.oxfordflo odalliance.org.uk/ The Oxford Flood Alliance deserve a huge amount of credit for the work they have done since 2007 and we would be in a much worse state without them so keep an eye on what they are doing and lend your support where you can as the more people that get involved, the more they can achieve to protect us all from the impact of flooding.
Score: 5
bridgyj1 7:15pm Thu 9 Jan 14
I really feel for the residents on the Abingdon Road and Botley Road and hope that their homes do not flood. I live in Abingdon and my home was flooded in 2007. It was an aweful time for me and every time it rains and the rivers are bursting I fear for the worst. Joanne Bridgewater
Score: 1
pcarb07 10:46pm Thu 9 Jan 14
Just like to thank the resident in Vicarage road who when told I had come down her closed street to do welfare checks on the residents of Vicarage court told me she didn't care what I was there for and all she cared about was her street, Nice to know there are such caring people around.
Score: 0
pcarb07 8:30pm Fri 10 Jan 14
Edward Catflap wrote: Passengers wanting to travel by rail between Oxford and Didcot are being advised that they will have to go via London on the bus?????
This is a wind up isn't it?
Score: 0

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