TWO households will feel the benefit of a windfall of up to £600 this winter, thanks to our Oxford Mail competition. Pearl Silman, of Kidlington and Alan Williamson, of Iffley, have each won their energy bills for December, January and February.

Mrs Silman, 84, of Hardwick Avenue, said: “I was very surprised because I have never won anything before. “I am going to be struggling this winter. I am on pension credits, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Every year these bills go up and up and up and the pension credits don’t go up that much.”

Mrs Silman is a widow. Her husband Les Silman died of a heart attack aged 69 in 1979. They moved into the three-bedroom bungalow in Hardwick Avenue in 1979. She said the gas costs her £43 a month and the electricity costs about £30 a month.

Mrs Silman worked as a collector for Provident financial services for 34 years before she retired about 25 years ago.

She added: “I’m thrilled to win this competition.”