IT’S a new year and with it comes a new chapter in the Oxford Mail’s proud history: the Oxford Mail+ app.

Launching officially tomorrow, you will be able to read your favourite newspaper on any iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet, and the Kindle Fire.

But this isn’t just a rendition of the Oxford Mail because the clue is in the name.

Oxford Mail+ is a responsive and interactive app that has extra video and audio content embedded within it, plus access to picture galleries and documents when your device is connected to wifi or a mobile phone network.

Plus: s It also has live links to the latest breaking news, live traffic information and weather forecasts.

s You can also access our Oxford Mail Twitter and Facebook pages – all within the one app.

Mail editor Simon O’Neill said: “The entire media landscape has changed significantly over the past decade with digital offering new challenges and opportunities for newspapers and our readers.

“Our website continues to draw in thousands of new readers but conventional websites don’t replicate the experience of reading the paper.

“The new Oxford Mail+ app combines the best of print and online. It has immediacy and extra content that digital offers but is also a reproduction of the newspaper, so you can read it at your leisure and enjoy the layout of our news pages. We have really looked to bring together all that is best about our newspaper and our website.”

Oxford Mail+ will be available to download when you wake up every morning, with the interactive elements in place to enjoy over breakfast.

It requires a subscription, at £3.99 a week, £5.99 a month, £12.99 for three months, £19.99 for six months and £39.99 a year.

Under Google Play store rules Android users have the monthly and annual subscription option.

Oxford Mail+ will also be available free to readers who get their Oxford Mail paper delivered.

Mr O’Neill added: “The huge growth of smartphones and tablets has really opened up a whole new product to give to our readers. We’ve never had so many people reading our stories and the app fits perfectly with offering our readers a new choice.

“Where Oxford Mail+ works so well is that it allows people to relax and read as a leisure activity. They can relax at home with it or take it on the go with them.

“And we’ve designed it so that it works across the different size screens from the full size 10in tablets, the smaller 7in versions, phablets and smartphones.”

Download the app at Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Amazon.