THREE women are running to raise money for the Oxford Children’s Hospital because of the great care their loved ones received.

The trio all have children in the same class at Bishop Loveday Church of England Primary School in Banbury.

They will be running the five-mile Blenheim Palace run on Sunday, March 10, which raises thousands each year for the Headington hospital.

Sharon Mallinson, who owns a recruitment agency, and nurse Natalie Flannery say their daughters had their lives changed after operations.

And Lucinda Page’s baby niece Scarlott, born three weeks premature in April, is still in and out of hospital.

Miss Mallinson’s six-year-old daughter Mollie was partially deaf until she had two operations to fit grommets in her ears.

Miss Mallinson, 43, said: “Her hearing was really muffled but as soon as she had grommets it improved overnight.

“She could hear things like the birds singing which she never had before, and the dishwasher. It was a struggle for her but we are so grateful she had them in just before school so she wasn’t hindered too much.

“All the staff were so welcoming and had time for everybody. The pressure they must be under is immense but they don’t show it, they just make the children feel comfortable.”

Mrs Flannery’s five-year-old daughter Hayley had sleep apnoea that meant she couldn’t breathe properly in her sleep because her tonsils were too big.

She had an operation last year to remove her tonsils and adenoids.

Mrs Flannery, who is a nurse at the Horton Hospital in Banbury, said: “The staff were just fantastic with her and put you at ease. And when Hayley came round and was uncomfortable there was a magician there to cheer all the children up.”

Miss Page’s nine-month-old niece Scarlott spent nine weeks at the special care baby unit of the children’s hospital.

Miss Page, 30, said: “My sister Sarra said the staff were brilliant. She said they were really helpful and understanding. Scarlott is still very tiny but it could have been a lot worse.”

Children’s Hospital spokes-man Sarah Vaccari said: “Sharon, Natalie and Lucinda have all got different stories to tell about their experiences at the children’s hospital, but they are united by a desire to something positive and help children in their hour of need.”

More than 100 people have alrerady signed up to run on March 10 in the run, which organised by the Oxford Mail and sponsored by Oxford-based recruitment firm Allen Associates.

To enter the race, call 01865 743444 or go to