A COMPENSATION scheme for households affected by the planned HS2 high speed railway line does not go far enough, campaigners say.

Yesterday, the Department for Transport unveiled a compensation scheme for residents and businesses that will be affected by the £33bn London to Birmingham rail link which would cut across north-east Oxfordshire near Finmere and Mixbury, close to the Northamptonshire border.

As part of the proposed scheme, those living within 60 metres of the line will get the market value of their property plus an extra 10 per cent in compensation up to £47,000, extended to 120 metres in rural areas.

But Bernie Douglas, chairman of Villages of Oxfordshire Opposed to HS2 (VoxOpp) said: “Having had a first look at it, I think it’s a cynical public relations exercise.

“We are extremely disappointed. This is not what we were promised by the Government. We were promised no-one would lose out because of HS2.

“If you live more than 120 metres from the line you can expect to lose 15 per cent of your house value.”