BUTCHER Vince Montgomery has launched the Wantage Sausage – and watched the sizzling success go into orbit.

The breakfast sausage, named after the town where it was devised, is a mouthwatering mix of black pudding, bacon and gammon.

Its creator said: “Within two weeks it became the most popular sausage we do. Now we are finding it hard to keep up with demand.”

Mr Montgomery, who owns the butchers-cum-deli that bears his name in Wallingford Street, came up with the recipe for the wonder sausage after chatting with a Scottish customer, the town’s former mayor Jim Sibbald.

He said: “Mr Sibbald told me of a black pudding made in Stornoway that he had discovered that was the best he had ever eaten. I found it was hard to get – but managed to hunt it down all the same. Then I became an official English outlet for it.

“Now I have incorporated the black pudding into the new breakfast sausage, along with bacon and an excepional Cheshire oak gammon. And now the customers can’t get enough of it.”

Mr Montgomery expanded his business into its present premises three years ago, having formerly been in the Market Place.

He added: “Wantage people know about good food, but the way they have greeted the Wantage sausage is amazing.”